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I Have Celiac Disease, and These Are 9 of My Favorite Gluten-Free Finds of the Year

updated Dec 13, 2023
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While it’s not exactly the most convenient thing in the world, there’s never been a better time to be gluten-intolerant than today. Why? Well, because the difference in gluten-free foods today versus just ten years ago is completely breathtaking. Look, I’m not going to lie and say that there aren’t loads of subpar (and frankly insulting) GF snacks, meals, and substitutes lining the grocery shelves. However, between the sour, crumbly, dry, and chalky options out there, if you look hard enough you’ll find some seriously great items. As a Celiac myself (and former pastry chef), I’ve tried nearly every gluten-free product on the market, and have seen huge improvements in flavor, texture, and variety over the past few years. In fact, I’ll go so far as to claim that 2023 rung in the best GF foods I’ve tasted in my life.

So, in honor of the abundance of gluten-free finds we’ve discovered this year, I’ve pulled together a short list of some of our favorites. From my forever-treasured yellow pea pasta to safe-to-sip-on beer, if gluten doesn’t sit right with you, these finds will. Trust me.

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I'm convinced ZENB makes the best gluten free pasta on the market. And, as the resident Celiac on the Kitchn team, I feel I have the authority to say so! Rotini is my favorite cut: Each piece is springy and silky, and has a nice chew with enough ridges and hidden crevices to carry its weight in sauce. While this pasta is crafted from just one ingredient, yellow peas, it's taste and texture say otherwise — in fact, I fooled my gluten-eating family members into thinking it wasn't gluten free. If that isn't a true testament, I don't know what is!

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Partake Foods
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If you're pretty picky when it comes to GF snacks and sweets, I get it — esppecially when it comes to cookies! More often than not, I know I can make a better version of whatever cookie it is I'm buying. However, there are some brands out there that have totaly mastered the craft, such as Partake. Their line of cookies (and more) are free of the top nine allergens, but don't compromise on texture or taste. In fact, I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone (dietary restrictions or otherwise) who could have only one of their Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Real Phat Foods

Growing up in an Italian household, I'm pretty particular about gluten-free substitutes for the classics. (If it's not worthy of my nonna, I'm not having it — that's my motto!) Luckily, I found these delicious bread crumbs from Real Phat Foods that seamlessly coat my eggplant Milanese without raising any eyebrows. Unlike other synthetic-tasting Italian bread crumbs (GF or otherwise) these herby, garlicky morsels of crunch work to enhance the flavor of my homecooked meals. BTW, you should check out their crackers, they're probably my favorite celiac-friendly option on the market.

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Supernatural Kitchen
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For those of you who love baking, fun sweets, and/or pastry projects, listen up: Supernatural has been a Kitchn-favorite baking staples brand for a while now, but it wasn't until I learned about their clean, allergen-free ingredients that I realized these super-fun sprinkles, frostings, and chips are for everyone. Besides being delicious, celiac-safe, and free of artifical dyes, these cheery, colorful toppings make everything I bake totally unique. This bundle is edible magic, if you ask me!

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See's Candies

Oh, you have a slight obsession with See's, the California-based chocolate brand? Well, that's understandable — with their smooth, creamy, balanced, high-quality selection, it's pretty hard not to experience immediate infatuation, especially when you don't have to worry about any hidden glutenous elements such as feuilletine or malt. While they've got hundreds of options on their site, this box of soft-centered chocolates is full of fan-favorites (Bourdeux, anyone?), each of which promises a heavenly experince. Trust me, this is one box of chocolates you don't want to miss out on. Hey See's, can I be a brand ambassador?

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If you haven't seen OffLimits all over your social media feeds, allow me to introduce you. The super-colorful breakfast brand prides itself in its ability to go against the grain, think outside of the (cereal) box, and redefine the first meal of the day with its experimental, scrumptious line of offerings. DASH, their coffee-flavored cereal, brilliantly combines my two favorite breakfast foods into one absolutely awesome bowl. Gluten-free, vegan, and naturally flavored, they taste a little chocolatey, a little toasted, a little nutty — almost like a malt ball. And, in terms of texture, the little spheres of cereal maintain a superb crunch, even after a while of bathing in milk (which will begin to take on coffee flavor throughout the eating process, BTW).

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Last spring, Deux (makers of our favorite Hazelnut spread) launched a line of edible, GF cookie dough. This Cinnamon Roll cookie dough is a genius way to enjoy cookie dough for breakfast (or any time of the day, TBH) and feel good about it. Made with organic oat flour, cashew butter, organic maple syrup, and vegan white chocolate chips, this dough can be eaten two ways (hence, Deux!). Enjoy it raw, right out of the jar, or bake it into cookies. Free of eggs and wheat flour, you won't have to worry about getting sick from eating raw dough — aka this stuff is a dream come true.

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Growing up in Southern California, burritos were my bread and butter. The only problem with burritos now? I can't eat them! (As a celiac, flour tortillas are a total no-go.) That's where these Siete Cassava tortillas come in: They're large, pliable, and neutral enough to provide a good base for your filling of choice. Just fill, roll, and pop one of these puppies into a pan for a quick double-sided sear to achieve restaurant-worthy burritos in a matter of minutes!

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As a celiac and former pastry chef, trust me when I say this cassava flour is the single best sub for AP flour. If you're not going for a flour mixture (like Bob's 1 to 1, etc.) just whip out this bag of Otto's and achieve the perfect rise, chew, crunch, or bite. If you've been dissapointed with how your gluten-free home bakes have been coming out, it's time to take this flour for a spin. The cassava root from which it's ground balances body with the binding properties of tapioca starch, making for a result that's never crumbly of gluey.