All the Editor-Favorite Coffee Essentials We Were Buzzing About in 2023

updated Dec 21, 2023
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someone pouring coffee into a ceramic mug from a french press
Credit: Joe Lingeman

It is no secret, us Kitchn folk are no strangers to a good cup of joe. In fact, some of us love the stuff so much that we’ve incorporated coffee drinking into our personalities, insisting on showing up everywhere with a latte in hand (yes, I am included in that clan). I think it’s fair to assume that between all the members of our team, we’ve tried our hand at a plethora of beans and brewing machines. This year, we discovered more than a handful of gadgets, techniques, and bags of coffee that have earned permanent spots in our kitchens. So, we figured we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our findings with anyone and everyone we know. Life is too short to be drinking bad coffee! And, if we can help people upgrade their daily dose of bean juice, well, then we’ve done our job right.

Check out our coffee making non-negotiables below:

Machines and Makers

1 / 9
was $43.50

The more efficient the morning routine we have, the better off we are, and this Hario V60 Immersion Dripper 02 helps make mornings a breeze. "I think the main draw for me is the ease of use," says The Kitchn's senior commerce editor Ian. "You kind of just set it and forget it, and you don’t have to stand over it and baby it for five minutes in the morning." This dripper promises the functionality and rich flavor of a French press without grit, making it a worthy find!

2 / 9
was $373.00

You've probably seen it advertised on your social media at one point because, I mean, just look at this Bruvi BV-01 Brewer and its gorgeous design. The Kitchn's SEO shopping writer, Haley Lyndes, was captivated and got one for herself. "In my opinion, this machine is well worth the splurge," she says in her review. "If you’re someone who buys coffee every day, it can add up, and with such a good system at home, it pays for itself over time." It makes several types of coffee — original, authentic espresso, Americano, infused coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, or tea — to fit your needs.

3 / 9

Shopping editor Jada Wong (and a handful of other Kitchn staff) can't get enough of this splurge-worthy machine. "I have this Breville espresso maker and use it every day. It's expensive but makes strong espresso (there's a pressure gauge so you can see when it hits the right spot to be considered espresso), has a built-in grinder and frother, and can also just churn out hot water so you don't have to use/buy a separate tea kettle to boil water."

4 / 9

Sometimes an old school brew just hits the spot! Ask our Senior Commerce Editor Ian, he'll tell you that this Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Coffee Maker is a superstar when it comes to an affordable, dependable, and easy coffee. "While most drip machines these days have what seems like a million different settings and knobs, this spartan model is easy to use and gets the job done every time. It literally has one button: the 'on' switch. Just pop in your filter, pour in your ground coffee, add water to the reservoir, flip the switch, and voila — coffee is served."

5 / 9
Williams Sonoma

Another way you can get your morning cup is with this sleek pour over. After recently moving, Senior Commerce Editor Ian returned to this simple brewing method — and he isn't upset about it. "The added control, tiny footprint, and fun ritual that goes along with a pour-over coffee maker is second to none. And, the coffee is delicious." Compact, versatile, east-to-use, this Hario V60 comes along with filters so you can start brewing ASAP.

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was $50.00

Between accounts from Kitchn writer Erin Cavoto and Apartment Therapy's Senior Commerce Editor Alicia Kort, we're convinced this classic Bodum model is the best French press on the market. Easy to clean, simple to use, extremely durable (they've both had theirs for years), this lightweight brewer makes for a smooth, rich carafe of coffee that's bound to leave a smile on your face.

7 / 9

I'm a coffee snob, through and through. And, I'll own it! So, I was surprised when I fell for this mini Nespresso machine. I gotta say: I love the thing. Not only is it super easy to use (just stick a pod in and press a button), it takes up virtually no countertop space, and makes a creamy, sumptous shot of espresso. Which, if you're me, promptly gets mixed with sugar in the raw and a short pour of oat milk for a balanced and delicious cup.

8 / 9
was $19.99

Our SEO Commerce Editor Sarah Vazquez still relies on this family-favorite brewing method. “True coffee lovers know that a Moka is a must and this one has been a family staple since before I was born." If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? "Brewing a perfect espresso or cafeicto (Bustelo or nada) every time, it’s durability and ease of use make it a coffee essential that will last for years to come.” BTW, Sarah isn't the only one who grew up with this handy pot — my first ever coffee was made in my parents' Moka!

9 / 9
was $207.95

Another espresso machine that our team loves, this DeLonghi appliance is affordable, efficient, and compact. It has a milk wand, can make two shots at once, and is unbelievably easy to use. Ian, our Senior Commerce Editor, writes: "If you can make a pot of drip coffee — which, yes, you can — you can make a real-deal espresso [with this machine]." Just pre-grind your beans, load up the portafilter, press a button, and watch as barista-level espresso flows from the machine.

Coffee: Beans, Instant, and Otherwise

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There are tons of ways to make coffee at home these days, but one of the most innovative new brewing methods we've seen recently requires no machine at all. Enter: Cometeer. Instead, all you'll need to do it just defrost a concentrated mini cup of high-quality coffee sourced from small-scale roasters and you'll have a cafe-level cup in seconds. The stuff is so cool and so good, it's even won over the heart of our Editor-In-Chief Faith Durand who has now been a subscriber for over a year!

2 / 5
Clevr Blends

If Oprah's into it, we've got to try it. That's just what our Managing Editor Tamara did with this Clevr Blends Mocha Superlatte. As it turns out (no one's surprised), Oprah's got good taste. "These instant lattes, well, don’t taste instant," shared Tamara. "With silky chocolate, warm spices (it features another Kitchn-favorite: Diaspora Co.), and brain-boosting adaptogens, it’s basically a hug in a cup." If there's one thing we need this time of year, it's a hug in a cup!

3 / 5
Nam Coffee

This mod bag of Vietnamese coffee is another favorite here among us coffee obsessives. When brewed in the traditional method, with a phin filter, it'll result in a cup of joe that can only be described as "drip coffee meets pour-over meets espresso," explains Ian. The beans come from an immigrant-founded and -led company that's new on the scene, but instantly have proven themselves with their high-quality robusta beans.

4 / 5
was $36.00

This coffee powder is jam-packed with adaptogens for a focused, consistent rise of energy without any of the highs and lows commonly associated with high doses of caffiene. I love that it requires no special whisk or brewing: Just dump a spoonful into the milk of your choice, give it a healthy stir, and boom! Instant creamy deliciousness. It’s smooth-bodied and satisfying, and it definitely has an earthier taste than coffee alone — not in a muddy way, but reminiscent of a good cup of hot cocoa. It's perfect for the cold weather.

5 / 5
Partners Coffee

Instant coffee has a bad rep, and for good reason. It's traditionally astringent and metallic. Well, Partners' take on the easy-to-brew bean powder is the complete antithesis of those preconceptions. Brewed like a tea bag, this innovative way to quench your coffee cravings converted Managing Editor Tamara into instant coffee fan. "These instant coffee packs are so delicious that I can’t even tell the difference between my at-home cup and one that I bought at a fancy coffee shop," she says. "I’ll be the first to admit it, I am the least patient person on the planet, and I’ve finally found a brew method that I can manage when my eyes are barely open in the AM and I’m in need of caffeine STAT." Same, girl, same.

Gadgets, Glasses, and Mugs

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Clevr Blends

Of all the frother's we've tried, this Clevr blends gadget takes the cake. Our Managing Editor Tamara Kraus uses it daily, explaining: "Not only is this gadget sleek looking, but it’s also extremely effective and gives me that creamy microfoam I thought only actual baristas could achieve." A lifetime of barista-worthy lattes for just $18, I'll take it!

2 / 5
Pattern Brands

Because I oscillate between hot and cold coffee depending on my mood, having a glass that can accomodate both hot and cold brews is of paramount importance in my daily morning ritual. These stunning, double-walled glasses from Yield are crafted from borosilicate glass (they can go straight from the freezer to the oven without breaking) and are the perfect size for a Flat White-sized coffee, which is exactly how I make mine.

3 / 5
was $46.99

Good connical burr grinders can be pricey. Luckily, this simple hand crank gadget works just as well and is a fraction of the price. It has 18 adjustable settings and works with any brewing style, from espresso to traditional drip. With patented dual-plated ceramic burrs that last five times longer than comparable stainless steel burrs, I'd argue it's actually preferable to a fancy, pricier model.

4 / 5
was $115.00

My morning cup of joe is non-negotiable. And, when in a morning rush, there's nothing more helpful in getting my quick caffiene fix than this Enfinigy Kettle. In under two minutes, a full canister of water comes to a roaring boil, while the outside of the kettle remains cool to the touch. In other words, if I switch on the kettle first, by the time the grinds are in my French press, the water's boiled. Yes, it's that fast!

5 / 5

Did you know the freshness of your beans can totally affect the taste of your cup? Well, now you know! This sleek, airtight canister from coffee aficionados at Fellow works to maintain the flavor, color, and freshness of your bean of choice. It keeps the interior oxygen-free with a pressurized pump and is a hands-down favorite (and totally underrated) Kitchn coffee tool.

Everything Cold Brew

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was $27.99

Some of us here at the AT are firmly on Team Iced Coffee all year round, no matter the temps — yes, even during winter. And, when it comes to brewing a refreshing cup at home, Shopping Director Jada loves this Takeya Cold Brew Maker. She loves how easy it is to use and how well its held up after five years of near daily use. Plus, she gave us this hot tip for effortlessly simple syrup: "Pop in mint leaves, fennel seeds, or cardamom into the basket and let them infuse overnight with the sugar-and-water mix." Thanks Jada!

2 / 4
Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Grounds & Hounds is a popular coffee brand among our staff because of their amazing taste and the fact that a portion of proceeds from each purchase goes to help rescue animals across the country. Their cold brew in particular is a favorite for our commerce director, Mark, for whom it quickly became a morning go-to. It's a strong yet mellow roast with notes of dark chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker, hazelnut, and vanilla bean, making it perfect for anytime sipping.

3 / 4

A cold brew must-have for Senior Commerce Editor, Alicia, Grady's has perfected the art of New Orleans-style chicory coffee in cold brew form. This easy-to-use kit makes up to 36 servings and doesn't require a separate container for brewing — you can do it all in the same bag! It also comes with a handy pour spout, so it's perfect for storing in your fridge and having on-demand cold brew whenever you want. The chicory and spices make the coffee so flavorful you won't need to add anything except for your milk of choice.

4 / 4
was $51.95

Another fantastic cold brewer, this OXO option is another favorite among our staff. It's extremely easy to use — just add your choice of grounds to the upper chamber (no filter needed!), close the top, add the water, and let the maker sit in the fridge while it works its magic overnight. We love indulging in the weekly ritual of making a big batch and find that we wind up saving some serious cash with this handy gadget.