15 Cheap Kitchen Finds That Made a Big Impact in 2023

published Dec 14, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

As we head into 2024, let’s reflect on the journey we’ve had in our kitchens this past year, shall we? It’s been a long trip around the sun, filled with awesome recipes and mouth-watering dishes, but it’s important to pay tribute to the products that played a crucial role behind the scenes: our kitchen tools. That’s right; behind the makings of every perfectly seasoned roast and impeccably dressed salad lays a collection of hardworking kitchen products that deserve to take center stage. The best part is they don’t break the bank, either. These affordable kitchen tools have been the backbone of all our cooking experiences, spanning from bakeware and knives to organizers and cleaning products.

As we reflect back, join us as we celebrate these top picks we can’t stop raving about, and explore our selection of budget-friendly kitchen finds below!

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Williams Sonoma

The craze surrounding Stanley Quenchers has been impossible to ignore, landing this adventure tumbler in the ranks for one of the most sought-after items among our readers. I personally own one and can promise you, its portability is unmatched. I take it with me everywhere, and I love that it can fit in the cupholder of my car.

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The Container Store

Have you ever grappled with those awkward corner cabinets that seem like a black hole? The HomeEdit Lazy Susan will change that. Whether you position it in the fridge for condiments and beverages or in cabinets for oils and vinegar, this ingenious solution transforms once inaccessible spaces into easily reachable and well-organized areas.

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Year & Day

While you could certainly opt for the straightforward approach of placing your favorite dips, sauces, and condiments directly onto your dinner plate, there's a more elegant alternative. Cue these charming dip dishes, conveniently available in a set of four and boasting a palette of eight trendy colors. "These do-it-all kitchen essentials are a beautiful way to present salt and pepper at a dinner party or as a vessel for olive oil or balsamic for dipping bread," writes Commerce Managing Editor Tamara on our sister site. "I use them for nuts, dried fruits, olives — you name it!" In other words, they're a must for all of your upcoming get-togethers.

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East Fork

It's no secret that the Everyday Bowl is nice to look at, but our readers (and our own editors) have found that its quality is great, too. The Kitchen's Commerce Writer, Nikol, says, "It’s been about eight months, and there’s nary a scratch or chip in sight. And because it’s so thick, the bowl doesn’t burn my hands, even when I fill it with steaming hot soup." It's a small but mighty splurge that's well worth it.

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Great Jones

"They've seamlessly integrated into my weekday cooking routine," notes Rochelle, a contributor at Kitchn, expressing her satisfaction after putting the ceramic fry pan to the test. The pan stands out for its versatility and features a nonstick, scratch-resistant, Teflon-free surface. Ideal for scrambled eggs or searing a fish fillet with minimal oil, this pan has truly become the quintessential go-to cookware for our readers.

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East Fork

Every tea or coffee enthusiast deserves a favorite mug to kickstart their morning routine and this one is worth it. Crafted by hand and finished with a unique glaze, this East Fork mug shows off a personalized touch. With a selection of nine colorways, you have the perfect opportunity to gather a collection for yourself and your loved ones. What makes it even better is its generous 12-ounce capacity, making sure you have a satisfying sip every time.

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The Container Store

Completely transform your kitchen with the Like-it Drawer Organizer, which is designed to declutter utility drawers and bring order to your space. Featuring a secure placement clip, this organizer stays put without shifting. Its durable, modular construction allows you to sort and organize your kitchen essentials easily, and it's especially great for organizing snacks!

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Meet your kitchen's new best friend! With two stylish brushed gold stainless-steel spouts, this set has rubber stoppers for a snug fit, built-in straws for spill-proof pouring, and lids to keep your oils fresh. It's impressive if you ask me, and apparently, our readers think the same. Upgrade your pour game with this sleek and practical set!

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Made In

A 1/2 sheet pan is a must-have item in any kitchen, professional or home. You can use them for baking, broiling, organizing, storing, and much, much more. This one from Made In features a warp-resistant design and high-quality materials.

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Nobody wants uninvited guests crashing their party — especially of the insect variety! With these flyaway sticks from Madison James, you don't have to worry about that. Just stick them in the ground, light them, and kick back.

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Uncommon Goods

This ingenious dip bowl stays at the exact temperature you want it, so you don't have to worry about keeping your salsa cool or your buffalo chicken dip warm at the function. This is also a great gift for the host with the most in your life!

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Great Jones

Who needs dull sheet pans when life offers the Holy Sheet experience? This kitchen gem has been a top pick by our readers for two years for a reason — it lives up to the hype. According to The Kitchn writer Danielle Centoni, "I grabbed one and haven't looked back, using it practically every day. From roasting a variety of roots and crucifers to crafting sheet pan dinners and baking cookies, scones, and biscuits, the Holy Sheet has proven its worth." Going head-to-head with high-quality commercial sheets while adding a pop of vibrant, bold color, it is well worth the money.

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Say goodbye to the days of having to drag your coffee machine out from under a cabinet just to be able to fill the resevoir — in fact, this rolling drawer from QVC is great for a ton of other small appliances, too. Kitchen counter space is hot real estate, after all, and making the most of it is a great way to create extra space out of thin air!

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was $49.99

This versatile multitool goes beyond chopping — it can spiralize, slice, dice, julienne, and more. Equipped with four interchangeable stainless-steel blades, each as sharp as they come, the process is a breeze. Not only does this handy gadget significantly cut down on prep time, but it also minimizes the post-cooking cleanup hassle. According to The Kitchn writer Erin Cavoto, "The best part is that no matter which blade you choose, the 1.2-liter container neatly catches everything, sparing you the need to dirty an extra bowl." Elevate your kitchen efficiency with the ultimate vegetable chopper experience.

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Great Jones

You'd be surprised just how much of a difference a solid cake pan makes — especially if you or a loved one loves to bake! The editor-loved Patty Cake from Great Jones is a surefire way to make sure your cakes don't stick and come out perfectly every time.