Attention, Parents: Edible Slime Kits Are About to Invade CVS

updated Jul 9, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Craft City

First the slime phenomenon slithered its way onto your Instagram page — mounds of sparkly, gooey, oozing slime that squeaked and squished when poked and prodded, fulfilling all our ASMR dreams. Then it likely entered your home. How could you resist making gobs of the sticky stuff yourself? (Here’s how to do it, btw.)

Slime is an odd mix between gross and satisfying (to watch, at least). Yes, it might have been tempting to taste your slime, but it was decidedly not for human consumption — until this unicorn one from Jell-O came out. But now things are getting serious. A new edible slime kit has just arrived at CVS and it sounds … maybe kinda good?

Delish reports that the slime kit is a collaboration with Youtube slime celebrity Karina Garcia. The stretchy goo is Kool-Aid-flavored, and comes in two colors: cherry and blue raspberry. It hit CVS shelves nationwide this week and costs $15, so it’s now possible to have your slime ASMR experience and eat it too. Sounds like viral Instagram sensation in the making.

I know you’ve probably heard all your life that you’re not supposed to play with your food, but this is probably the exception. The box might make it took like it’s just for kids, but slime obsessions know no age limits. Trying to get famous on social media for your strange slime creations? You need this kit. Looking for a way to rediscover your inner child? Definitely for you. 

As mentioned, Jell-O came out with its own edible slime, and we had some questions about whether or not it was actually a good idea: Kids (probably the people most likely to be playing with edible slime, lets face it) are dirty creatures by nature, covered in all sorts of germs. Do we really want them to be eating the slime that they just squished and squelched with their grubby hands? Maybe not! 

If making edible slime does sound like an appealing project to you and your family, however, you can make it at home without the help of any store-bought kit (which might even get your kids excited about science and cooking). Karina Garcia herself has a Starburst-flavored recipe.