A Surprising Way to Serve Your New Year’s Punch: In a Squash!

(Image credit: Gothamist)

Punch bowls feel a little “old lady” in my social circles, unless you’re attending an actual punch party — but maybe that’s the Chicago hipster in me talking. That said, a punch bowl is still the easiest way to satisfy most of your guests with a single drink and keep your personal stash of alcohol intact.

So how shall we dress up a simple pitcher cocktail or punch drink? Well, put it in a squash of course.

(Image credit: Measure and Stir)

The folks over at Gothamist informed us of the crazy cocktail Park Avenue Autumn is serving up. Check out that first image and the recipe for all the details, right down to the little umbrella.

The second recipe is from the blog Measure and Stir. Drinking from a gourd — how very, Old Testament?

Get the recipe: Gourd Vibrations at Measure and Stir

Sure, you could fill a hollowed-out melon like cantaloupe or watermelon with a full bowl of punch, but the idea of individual cocktails and punch containers, especially when they’re as inexpensive as winter squash, seems like a pretty great fit.

If you’re not daring enough to serve a drink in a gourd, try soup instead — just make sure you give guests a place to set their gourd when finished, otherwise you’ll find them in random places like your bathroom sink or fish tank.

Will you be sporting this new trend on New Year’s Eve? Pictures or it didn’t happen!