Edible Nation: The Official Blog of Edible Communities

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If issues of your local Edible Community publication are too far and few between for your liking, check out Edible Nation!

Bruce Cole and Kurt Michael Friese are the official bloggers for the Edible Communities organization. With candor and a good dose of wit, they keep us posted on issues affecting the national food scene and give us updates on local news.

The bloggers have a good eye for which news items will be relevant to the national discussion on food culture and sustainable living. The subjects for their posts are a mix of food politics, food in the media, and reports on positive steps forward in the local and sustainable food movements.

These are offered as condensed bites of information–and they certainly aren’t shy about voicing their opinions!

Even if you’re not a regular reader if the quarterly print publications, we think this blog is worth the read.

(Photos courtesy of Edible Communities)