This Popcorn Maker Has Almost 25,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews and Is Perfect for Serious Snackers

published Sep 13, 2021
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For popcorn lovers, there is no more satisfying snack option out there. But if you ask them the best way to pop it, you’ll get different answers. Microwaveable bags are super convenient, but air poppers are healthier. And either way, you’re stuck with a giant serving whether you want it or not. Well, it turns out there’s a gadget that combines all the best features of these methods and pops convenient snack-size portions: the Ecolution Microwave Micro-Pop! With an affordable price tag and nearly 25,000 five-star Amazon reviews, this little glass wonder may just be the best solution for snack time.

No doubt, microwaves are the fastest way to make popcorn. Press a button and in a few minutes, it’s done. Micro-Pop has that same benefit, taking less than three minutes to create full popcorn glory. Just measure kernels in the lid, pour them into the temperature-safe glass container, pop the lid back on, and press start. Unlike a pre-packaged bag, you can actually see inside the glass to gauge when the kernels are fully popped. No wasted kernels or burnt batches, and the silicone handle and sides make it safer to retrieve.

Like traditional air poppers, the Micro-Pop lets you control the flavor and healthiness of your snack. No oil or butter is needed. But if you want it for flavor, go for it! The lid is a convenient tray to heat it up while it pops. One reviewer notes that it “makes fresh and crisp popcorn like a boss” and only adds a sprinkle of salt. Another reviewer likes that it’s a “vehicle for all kinds of crazy fun flavors” like taco and ramen seasonings, then lets the dishwasher do the cleanup in between batches.

The best part? It only holds 1.5 quarts, perfect for a solo snacker and anyone lacking storage space. You’re not stuck with the pre-portioned bags with multiple servings or a bulky machine that forces you to fill it to work. As the fun-flavor reviewer puts it, “I love the personal-sized, on-demand popcorn.” If that sounds like what you’ve been craving, pop on over to Amazon and get yourself one. It’s snack time!