The $10 Find That Leaves My Tumblers and Water Bottles Sparkling Clean (Without Scrubbing!)

published Jun 11, 2024
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Like many, many others, my water bottle collection is pretty robust. It started while I was growing up playing soccer, and then once I went to college, I seemed to get a new school-themed bottle every week that first year. I’m exaggerating, but the amount of bottles and tumblers in my kitchen cabinet right now is no joke. I cycle between them pretty regularly, mostly because I (admittedly) am not the most consistent with washing them. I’ll put it off for as long as possible, but sometimes, I toss one of the bottles into a tote bag and forget it’s there.

You’d be correct to assume that I’ve dealt with my fair share of gross, moldy bottles. (Don’t judge me! It happens). Scrubbing them is just such a pain, and after a long day at work, I usually just don’t have it in me to do it … until now. I don’t know how I ever went without bottle cleaning tablets, but now that I’ve tried EcoBrite’s, I’m never going back. They take all of the hassle out of deep cleans!

What Are Ecobrite’s Bottle Cleaning Tablets?

First of all, these tablets are Owala-approved, and as a huge Owala fan — the FreeSip and tumbler are the most-used in my collection — that’s a major endorsement in my book. Instead of having to scrub at your bottle with dish soap and a sponge or brush every day, all you need to do is fill up your container with hot water, add an EcoBrite tablet (or two if the bottle is over 32 ounces), and wait. You can opt to wait 10 minutes or let it soak overnight for a more thorough cleaning. Empty, rinse, and voilà! Any lingering stains, residue, or odors will be gone. Plus, the tablets consist of natural ingredients, free of chlorine and phosphate.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love EcoBrite’s Bottle Cleaning Tablets

I’d like to say that I let my tumbler reach this state for experimentation purposes, but I’d be lying. Nope, I accidentally left the remnants of my morning coffee in there, thinking that it was empty, for a week. However, it did make for the perfect opportunity to see just how effective these little tablets are. I’d already used them in less extreme circumstances, cleaning up my stainless steel water bottle after using it for a day, and it left the interior gleaming after 10 minutes. Luckily for me, the tablets also made cleaning my moldy coffee cup hassle-free. I filled it up with warm water, dropped it in, and let the tablet do its thing overnight.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

The above photo speaks for itself. After dumping the mixture out in the sink the next morning and rinsing it out, my tumbler was completely spotless. No scrubbing needed! Honestly, I think I need to buy these things in bulk. It might not be economical to use every single day, but for tougher grime and more thorough weekly deep cleanings, these are a lifesaver.