eBay Scavenger: Set of 51 Tartlet Pans

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanksgiving is two weeks away – when did that happen? This is prime pie-baking season, and chances are you’ll be eating and baking a lot of it in the coming months. Consider then this set of 51 vintage tartlet pans. What about baking your pies as individual tartlets this year? These come in seven different shapes and sizes, and are currently going for just $4.99. The auction ends November 12.

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Vintage tin cookie cutters for $3.00 – ends November 12
Modern linen tablecloth for $9.99 – ends November 13
Vintage gravy boat and cranberry server for $0.59 – ends November 13
Gingerbread house baking mold for $9.99 – ends November 13
Quick cooker for steamed puddings for $1.88 – ends November 16