eBay Scavenger: Vintage Ice Crushers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We think it’s time for cocktails; summer is almost here and icy shaken mixed drinks are in order. We love these vintage ice crushers with their classic shape and colors. This one is green, but you can also find them in sunny yellow, diner red and chrome, and Mary Kay lady pink. This model is going for $5.99 and the auction ends later today.

Don’t forget that you can post your own kitchen and tabletop items for sale at The Kitchen’s classifieds!

Wilton flowerpot cake pan for $5.99 – ends May 13
8″ steel meat cleaver for $24.88 – ends May 14
Aluminum hamburger press for $13.99 – ends May 15
Wooden breadbox for $28 – ends May 18


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