eBay Scavenger: New Red Breadbox for $5

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This red breadbox could be a real steal for someone who has enough room on their countertop. There’s something about sleek rolltop bread boxes that is very appealing; they are also practical, protecting bread or fruit from too much exposure to light or humidity. It’s currently going for $5.00, and the auction ends February 19.

And don’t forget that you can post your own kitchen and tabletop items for sale at The Kitchen’s classifieds!

Vintage Ball glass jar for $15 – ends February 17
Cake stand and chip server for $14.99 – ends February 19
Salton yogurt maker for $9.95 – ends February 19
4.25 quart graniteware kettle for $6.50 – ends February 19
Typhoon retro cheese dome for $7.99 – ends February 19


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