Eating While Painting: Or, How to Make a Spoon Out Of a Paint Stirrer

Eating While Painting: Or, How to Make a Spoon Out Of a Paint Stirrer

Faith Durand
Aug 13, 2008

Did we? Oh yes we did. And we can't believe we're confessing it in public...

I'm in the middle of a two-week full-on painting project at my new house. It's an old, small, Craftsman-style bungalow that's been painted a few too many times, but is nonetheless full of small treasures. (Wait until you see the kitchen!)

My fiance and I have been painting maniacs - putting in 16-hour days on the weekends and 10-hour evenings during the week. We've become much more expert in our painting technique, and quite accomplished in distinguishing the finer points of neutral colors. ("There's too much pink in that cream!" "That white is really greeny-pale-sea-foam..." etc.)

But the one thing we haven't had much time for is cooking. When you're putting a new house together from scratch you are often left helpless when at your most vulnerable - starving, aching, and covered in plasticky paint - and suddenly without a spoon.

Yes, we were desperate; yes, a trip to the grocery store a quarter mile away was out of the question. We dug into our little locally-made lasagna with paint stirrers.

So, how do you make a spoon out of a basic paint stirrer? Just snap it in half, and wash it as well as you can. Use it like a flat spoon and eat as fast as you can (to get back to that painting job all the faster, of course!).

My fiance was much prouder of his version; he scored one stick with a razor then snapped it in half for makeshift chopsticks. I eschewed the splinters that I was sure would result and opted for the spoon version.

Unhygienic? Probably. Resourceful? We thought so. And we were reminded of just how good food (any food) tastes when you're working hard - especially in your own home.

I am definitely very ready to get back to a proper kitchen, though; pizza four nights a week is not my idea of a healthy diet.

How do you eat while you're moving, and have you ever resorted to something as crazy as our makeshift spoons?

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(Images: Faith Hopler)

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