Eating While Driving In New Jersey Might Be Outlawed; The Cheapest Sous Vide Machine to Buy Right Now

(Image credit: victorass)
  • A new law proposed by two state assemblymen in New Jersey is attempting to stop citizens from drinking or eating anything while driving. This includes drinking water. First time offenders would be charged between $200 and $400, then anywhere between $400 and $600 for a second time. Violations after that would result in a fine of $600 to $900 and a 90-day suspension of ones license.
  • Starting today at 9am PT, the Joule, a popular sous vide machine, will be on sale for just $149 while supplies last. Normally it sells for $199. If you’re new to sous vide cooking, or just want to read more about it, be sure to check out Kitchn’s reasons on why it’s actually practical for the home cook.
  • Walmart just purchased Jet in a $3.3 billion deal – $3 billion in cash, and the rest in Walmart shares. This is a big step for Walmart in its attempt to outdo Amazon in digital commerce. Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, said of the purchase: “We’re looking for ways to lower prices, broaden our assortment and offer the simplest, easiest shopping experience because that’s what our customers want.”
  • Amidst the craze for blue beverages and rainbow-colored bagels, black food has also become very trendy. As Extra Crispy reports, many chefs and restaurants around the country are playing around with burned food – including an exceptionally beautiful ash latte.
  • Youtubers LET’S MELT THIS set their eyes on “roasting” a hot dog at 4000 degrees Fahrenheit thermite. Thermite is a mixture of metal powder fuel and metal oxide, and it basically allows things to burn at very high temperatures in small places. In this case, the hot dog and condiments are sitting in a bed of thermite before being “cooked.” Just wait until you see what happens.