Eating Real: The October Unprocessed Challenge

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It may be impossible to get a consensus on the healthiest diet — vegetarian? Paleo? gluten-free? — but one thing we can all agree on is this: eating fewer commercially processed foods is good for you. That’s why we are glad to see the October Unprocessed challenge return for a second year. Could you make it through 30 days without any processed foods?

Andrew Wilder at the blog Eating Rules began this project in 2009, when he decided to give up commercially processed foods and their accompanying preservatives, artificial flavorings, and excess sugar, fat and salt for one month. Last year he challenged others to give it a try and was joined by 415 people who pledged to give up processed foods throughout October.

What defines processed food? Wilder uses what he calls the “Kitchen Test”:

If you pick up something with a label (and if it doesn’t have a label, it’s probably unprocessed), and find an ingredient you’d never use in your kitchen and couldn’t possibly make yourself from the whole form, it’s processed.

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What do you think? Are you tempted to take this challenge?