Eating Local: Would You Ever Hunt for Wild Game?

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We were totally fascinated by an article in The New York Times last week, all about the new wave of locavorism spurring people towards hunting. And not mushroom hunting, or hunting for ramps — hunting for wild game. Have you ever hunted?

We grew up in the country, where school attendance dropped noticeably during a couple key points in the hunting season, and where you could hear gunshots in the distance throughout the fall. We’ve had deer jerky and venison sausage, but we’ve never actually hunted. This just seemed a little too intimidating.

Well, there are a lot of modern urbanites, apparently, whose locavorism is pressing them towards hunting. After all, if Michael Pollan killed a wild boar maybe we all ought to give it a try, eh?

There is a logical progression from buying local to growing your own garden to putting up your own haunch of venison, and we liked the thoughtful points this article brought up, especially on cost and sustainable factors:

Mr. Landers, who tries to take Virginia’s full limit of six deer a year, agreed. For the cost of the necessary licenses, $36.50, he said he can stock his freezer with nearly free protein.

He also argued that for the environmentally conscious, hunting is fairly carbon neutral.

“If you can shoot a deer in your own backyard, butcher it there, that’s zero food miles,” he said.


If you are a meat-eater, what do you think about hunting? Have you ever tried it? Do you ever plan on trying to hunt deer, squirrels, or rabbit?

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(Image: Sean Patrick Farrell/The New York Times; Flickr member Todd Huffman licensed for use under Creative Commons)