Eating Light: Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Eating light, for us, simply means eating less. American portion sizes have grown and grown, and we believe that many of us have no idea what a normal portion size should be. Sometimes it’s useful to measure food portions just to regain a healthy sense of size. These storage cups seem like a good way to do that, and to pack your lunch for the week too.

The tray and portion cups are made by Fit & Fresh, which means that they are probably made of non-leaching #5 polypropylene plastic, with no phthalates. Fit & Fresh has been ahead of the curve with their plastics, and they also are very good at thinking creatively about lunchbox solutions.

This particular set is nice because the tray keeps everything organized and neat in the refrigerator, and it’s easy to stack, too. Also, the cups have their portion size printed clearly on the sides.

We wouldn’t trade in our current set of plasticware for this set, but if we needed to buy new boxes for lunch and food to-go, we would certainly look first at these.

Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray by Fit & Fresh, on sale for $13.59 at