Eating Light: Homemade Popcorn with Olive Oil

Eating Light: Homemade Popcorn with Olive Oil

Faith Durand
Jan 28, 2009

We grew up in a popcorn-eating family. Every movie night, every game day, and every holiday evening, there was popcorn on the coffee table. We rarely ate microwave popcorn, so the smell of hot canola oil and the sound of kernels exploding against the inside of a steel pot bring back memories.

We still love homemade popcorn, and we just found a new reason to make it much more often. Olive oil!!

Olive oil on popcorn is hardly a new idea. We can't take credit for it, but we do find it hard to believe we didn't try it sooner! It's so simple and delicious.

We only tried it in the first place because we have these four precious little bottles of olive oil from Oliviera, a shop and restaurant in Nice, France. The oils we bought there are just dang good; they are all grown by local producers, and pressed in small batches. Foodie pedigree aside, though, these oils are straight out delicious. One tastes like smooth, ripe citrus; another one is spiky and green like green olives themselves.

We've been looking for ways to enjoy the flavors of these oils, and it turns out that hot popcorn is simply the best. The heat releases so much flavor from the oils, and popcorn itself is mild enough to really let the oil shine.

We can hardly wait to try this with all our olive oils, then move to walnut and truffle oils!

What's your favorite topping for fresh popcorn?

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(Images: Top: Gregory Han; Bottom: Flickr member jslander licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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