Eating Light: Citrus Recipe Roundup

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What’s the best way to stave off post-holiday melancholy and face another dreary winter morning? For us, it’s bright, juicy citrus. Now that we’re eating light again, we’ve been devouring as much citrus as we can get our hands on – oranges, tangerines, clementines, grapefruits, pomelos – we’re craving them all.

Citrus is a great way to start a day of healthy eating, but why not incorporate it into your lunch and dinner, too? We’ve rounded up a few recipes below.

For many of us (especially here in Chicago) citrus is not a local crop, but it’s not something we’re keen to give up either. Especially when it’s in season in, say, Florida.

Speaking of the Sunshine State, The Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida grapefruit is having a good season thanks to cold weather in November, helping the fruit hold its own against the more popular orange. We’ve certainly been enjoying it.

Here are a few recipes for more healthy citrus eating:

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