Eat the Rainbow! This Poster Shows You the Vitamins in Your Fruits & Vegetables

published Apr 25, 2013
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Eat your greens… and your reds, and your yellows, and your violets. That’s the message of this bold and informative poster. Want a reminder of just which nutrients are in your fruits and vegetables? Hang this on your kitchen wall. 

This infographic and poster was designed by Russell van Kraayenburg of Chasing Delicious. (Remember his great seasonal produce calendar?)

He says that, “Fruits and vegetables get their colors (and other unique characteristics like smell, texture, etc) from various phytochemicals. Each phytochemical has its own set nutrients. Since the phytochemicals that make something red are different from the phytochemicals that make something green, the nutrients, and health benefits, of those two plants are going to be different. Simply said, you can’t get the same vitamins and minerals from red fruits that you can get from green vegetables. This is why you should eat the rainbow.” Russell created this poster as inspiration to do just that: Eat the rainbow! 

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The print is available in a couple different sizes. Find it here: 

Find it: Nutrition in Produce Poster – $18 to $24 at

(Image: Russell van Kraayenburg of Chasing Delicious)