Eat Light! “Things I Find in the Refrigerator” Soup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re trying to eat light and frugal this month, and we found a lot of inspiration for both in this improvised recipe and soup tutorial from Jill at Hey, that tastes good!

She took the contents of her fridge and rather magically turned them into soup. She shows you how to do it, too.

We love how Jill doesn’t give a recipe for her cozy-looking soup, but instead gives the steps she went through to create it out of the bits and scraps in her refrigerator.

She starts with vegetables and butter, and adds spices, stock, and other good things. You could easily adapt the process to whatever you have in the fridge, too. We also like how these sorts of soups usually turn out to be rather complex and nutritious — you get your meat, veg, and starch all in one!

(Image: Jill Elise of Hey, that tastes good! Used with permission.)