Loving: Eat At Home Dishtowel

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re loving this Eat At Home dishtowel! It’s been appearing here and there in shops around the web, and we like its vintage forthrightness. It should be right there with the “Wash the Dishes” towel on our wall.

This is, after all, our focus here at The Kitchn. We want to help you cook more, and cook better, at home. We’re all just learning ourselves, too, and we blog what we learn as we learn it. But we’re all about finding nourishment and refreshment in our own homes, and extending the kitchen to others to bring them the comforts of home too.

This month is all about Escapes, but we’re not just talking about travel and escaping the city; we want to find ways that the kitchen (and eating at home) can make your own home an escape from daily life.

Find it! Eat At Home Dishtowel, $10.95 at Blue Ribbon General Store