These 25 Wintery Cocktails Are Extra Festive

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Right about now, you might be searching for the perfect cocktail (and maybe a quick and easy appetizer, too!) to kick off the holiday season. But chances are you’ve got presents to wrap, halls to deck, and a roast to, well, roast. Don’t worry — you can go ahead and check easy winter cocktails off your list with these super-simple and festive recipes. Sure, gin drinks and whiskey drinks are nice, but now’s the time for something a bit more special.

Want to fancy things up a little? We can help there, too. Simple, seasonal touches like glittery sugared cranberries, crushed candy canes, or whole cinnamon sticks are easy ways to transform simple cocktails into party-ready sippers.

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Winter Pimm's Punch
Pimm’s No. 1 is a fruity and lightly spiced gin-based liqueur, and it mingles beautifully with bright cranberry juice, hard apple cider, and zesty ginger beer.
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Poinsettia Fizz
The rich red poinsettia-colored cocktail is a simple mix of of tart cranberry juice, Grand Marnier and your favorite Champagne or prosecco.
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Negroni Sbagliato
This classic Italian cocktail is a bubbly twist on a traditional negroni.
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Slow Cooker Wassail Punch
Slow-cook apple cider, orange juice, mulling spices, and spicy ginger together into a warming winter wassail punch.
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Peppermint Moscow Mule
This frosty cocktail is one of the most festive drinks we know — and it couldn't be easier to make.
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Jamaican Sorrel Punch
This drink, made from dried hibiscus flowers, is a traditional punch served around Christmas in Jamaica. It’s tart and tangy and mixes up to a stunning shade of deep magenta.
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Pomegranate Orange Mulled Wine
This mulled wine is a sweet-tart combination of red wine, bourbon, pomegranate juice, and brown sugar. You'll toss in warming spices like cinnamon sticks and anise pods, as well as fresh fruit, including apple slices, orange slices, and cranberries.
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Winter Citrus Sangria
This refreshing sangria, made with white wine, vodka, freshly-squeezed orange juice, and triple sec is topped with sliced citrus, cinnamon sticks and fresh rosemary.
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Cranberry Pitcher Margaritas
This quick four-ingredient recipe for pitcher margaritas is flavored with cranberry juice, perfect for the holiday season.
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The Best Homemade Eggnog
As long as you have eggs, sugar, milk, and cream in your fridge, you can have eggnog anytime the craving hits.
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Blood Orange French 75
This twist on the classic French 75 is refreshing and lightly fizzy with a hint of sweetness.
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Chilean Holiday Punch (Cola de Mono)
Cola de mono is made with milk, coffee, a mix of spices, and aguardiente or pisco, in proportions and preparations that vary according to each household or bar.
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White Cranberry Margarita
This refreshing white cranberry margarita is the perfect winter cocktail — suitable for Christmas, New Year's Eve, or even just a snowy day. It's a simple mix of just four ingredients, and a garnish of glittered cranberries and rosemary adds some seriously festive sparkle.
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Ponche Navideño
Ponche Navideño (Mexican Christmas fruit punch) is a hot punch served with or without alcohol during the holiday season.
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Sparkling Pear Sangria
Made with sparkling wine and pears, this festive sangria is perfect for the season.
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Puerto Rican Coconut Rum Punch (Coquito)
Coquito is frothy and rich like eggnog, but it’s lighter with coconut cream and vanilla, cinnamon instead of nutmeg, and rum instead of bourbon or brandy.
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Festive Cranberry Fizz
The best part about this wintery punch is its flexibility: It can play mocktail or cocktail, depending on who you're serving.
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Washington Apple Cocktail
Many recipes for the Washington Apple call for equal parts Canadian whisky, sour apple schnapps, and cranberry juice. This recipe kicks up the whisky and dials back the schnapps for less sweetness.
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Sparkling Rosemary Cider
This easy 3-ingredient pitcher cocktail is made with vodka, sparkling apple cider, and fresh rosemary.
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Arnaud's French 75
Cognac adds lots of warmth to this fizzy and festive classic cocktail.
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Kir Royale
Light, fizzy, and pleasantly pink, Kir Royales are just as simple to make as they are tasty.
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Classic Hot Toddy

Master this hot toddy with lemon and honey and you'll find yourself making it all winter long.

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Cosmopolitan Cocktail
A simple cosmopolitan is sweet and tangy, and deserving of a spot on the roster of classic cocktails.
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Think of boulevardiers as winter negronis – but with bourbon.
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Ron Ponche
The Panamanian custard-style beverage is a creamy, eggy delight.
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