Easy Weeknight Meal: Spanish Tortilla

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is one of those dishes that tastes great morning, noon, and night. It’s good cold, it’s good hot. And it’s as easy to pull together as a simple frittata…

We sometimes forget about the spanish tortilla, or tortilla española, the firm potato omelette that is a staple on tapas menus everywhere. A recent trip to the Spanish specialty store Despaña in Soho jogged our memory; they make several versions to order.

The process is so easy, and if you have a mandoline to slice the potatoes (we prefer thin slices to chunks), it’s even quicker. You fry up slices of potato and onion in oil, then pour in some eggs and cook it much like you do a frittata, flipping it onto a plate at the end. We’ve eaten it in tiny slices as appetizers at a cocktail party, but a big wedge would make a filling meal with a salad or vegetable on the side.

In looking for recipes, we came across this tutorial from Fine Cooking that gives detailed instruction and tips on how to turn out the perfect tortilla — definitely worth a read.

A few recipes:

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