Easy Ice Cream Topping: What About a Curd?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We had a really good triple-berry curd a few weeks ago at a friend’s house but neglected to take a picture of it, so this lemon version will have to serve as inspiration. The idea: Using simple fruit curds as toppings for all that ice cream coming our way this month…

We’ve talked a lot about easy uses for summer fruit, and curds are another incarnation of the jam family. All they require is a little heat, some egg yolks, and a whisking in of butter at the end.

Lemon is the most common flavor of curd, and we’ve covered it:

Berry curds are a little more difficult, since you’ll need to purée or blend the berries, strain the juice, and discard any pulp or seeds (the beauty of a curd is in its silkiness). But using that juice in place of lemon juice in any recipe should work.

It is certainly a decadent topping for ice cream, which is already rich with egg yolks, but it’s also a nice, tart way to cut the sweetness.

A few recipes to try: