Easy, Everyday Desserts That Happen to Be Gluten-Free?

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Q: Does anyone have suggestions for desserts that are gluten-free, that don’t require buying specialty ingredients like flours? I have a gluten-free relative and I’m running out of ideas for desserts for family gatherings. Usually get togethers have lots of people and food is served buffet style, so it’s tough to serve items like ice cream or pudding. I’ve made a great chickpea loaf cake, I’ve done meringues, rice krispy bars and a cornmeal cake. My mom always suggests I go out and buy something pre-made for my relative, but I always feel like that singles her out and isn’t as tasty anyway. Plus there are plenty of “regular” desserts that are gluten free — I am just blocked!

I’m just looking for inspiration — what are some everyday desserts that just happen to be gluten-free?

Sent by Jennifer

Editor: Jennifer, I know you said that puddings are hard to serve, but still ‐ what about chocolate mousse or pudding? A big bowl of thick, creamy chocolate mousse is always a hit (I served this chocolate mousse to a large group last night). Unless it is served outside and just blazing hot, a bowl of pudding is actually a fantastic easy dessert for a crowd. (I’m actually such a fan of puddings that I’m writing a book on them — all just incidentally gluten-free — it’ll be out in Spring 2013.) Also think about jellied fruit juice, and fluffs, like this coffee fluff.

Readers, what else would you suggest?

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