Easy Entertaining: Do You Give Party Favors?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Maybe “party favors” isn’t quite the right word – that brings to mind cellophane bags of plastic kazoos and bubble wands! What we’re thinking of is an adult version: more like party “keepsakes,” maybe or a treat for the road. Do you give guests something special at the end of the evening?

We’ve felt very inspired lately by the Sunday Suppers series, the Brooklyn-based cooking class/dinner party. At the end of their sessions, each guest is presented with a very simple and lovely gift – something for them to take home, savor, and remember the evening. Recently, they did packets of granola with jars of fromage blanc, pictured above. They’ve also handed out pots of homemade preserves and boxes of chestnuts that guests could roast at home.

Dinner party favors would have to be something that could be made well in advance. The night of the party itself, we want to focus on the food we’re cooking! Granola that can be eaten the next morning is a great idea. A few cookies wrapped in nice paper and ribbon would also be simple and easy, as would packets of loose-leaf tea that guests could drink once they get home.

What ideas do you have for simple, make-ahead party favors?

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