The Ingenious $15 Tool That Takes the Hassle Out of Peeling Boiled Eggs

published Aug 21, 2023
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a hand picking a brown egg from the top of a pile of brown eggs
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One snack that I’m likely to never get tired of is a hard-boiled egg. You’ll find me craving one at any time of day, so over the years, I’ve perfected the art of hard-boiling an egg exactly to my taste — and there are a number of methods you can try to get it exactly to yours. You can switch up the timing to adjust how soft they turn out, and there are a number of ways to cook them, from using an Instant Pot to boiling and removing them from heat (which is my go-to). I love eating them just the way they are with a bit of salt, but just like there are several routes you can take cooking-wise, there are several different ways to eat them. They can be deviled, made into a salad, and more — truly, boiled eggs are one of the most versatile foods out there.

But even though boiled eggs are easy to make, the single downside has to be how hard it is to peel the shell off. Sometimes, you miss a piece and end up accidentally chewing on it, or in the peeling process, you accidentally take chunks of the egg off with it. But with this gadget from Uncommon Goods, you can get a perfectly peeled egg in seconds — and it’s only $15!

What is the Easy Egg Peeler?

Made in Connecticut, the home state of inventor Bonnie Tyler, the Easy Egg Peeler totally eliminates the seemingly never-ending chore of getting the shell off of a hard-boiled egg. Tyler incorporated the elements of industrial egg peeling (including vibration, movement, and water) in her design, but made it compact and simple to use at home.

It’s as easy as this: After boiling the eggs and submerging them in an ice bath, as you normally would, you pour a quarter cup of cold water in the peeler, place the egg inside, close the cap, and shake. The bumps on the inside of the plastic cylinder help release the egg from its shell. When the white of the egg can be seen, you’re ready to pinch the egg, and the shell will come off instantly. Boom — you’re done! Even better, the device is dish-washer safe, so in addition to totally cutting out a tedious process, you don’t have to bother with a messy cleanup.

Credit: Uncommon Goods

What Uncommon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.47/5

“I needed something to protect my fingers while peeling hot hard boiled eggs for breakfast. This REALLY WORKS! I tried it this morning for our usual breakfast of two eggs each and was very happy that the shells came off without any problem.” — Happyretiree68

“My mom loved this egg peeler and said it made her life so much easier. She use to take so long peeling hard boiled eggs and it’s really hard to do by hand! It’s crazy how something so simple can make a difference in her life day to day.” — AO

“I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my mom, thinking it would be cool if it worked but was pretty skeptical, because we’ve never had an easy solution to peeling hard boiled eggs! It truly does work – though I don’t know how – with no mess and no fuss! I will be buying more of these as gifts and for myself!” — Ally

If you’re making large batches of boiled eggs or are short on time and want your snack faster, this gadget is a lifesaver. One reviewer even said it works “like magic,” and we believe it. At only $15, the Easy Egg Peeler is a total steal, so don’t wait to grab one for yourself!

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