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Easy DIY Pizza for Weeknight Kid Guests

updated Sep 30, 2020
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In our home, dinner guests come in all sizes. Make Your Own Pizza Night is great for kids, but adults love it, too! Using ready made whole wheat naan for the crust makes it easy and allows everyone to build their own, pleasing even the pickiest eaters. Also? A varied toppings bar is a great way to clean out the fridge.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whole Foods whole wheat naan was a recent discovery, and it’s perfect for individual pizzas. And all those toppings — everything from pesto and tomato sauce to leftover roasted vegetables and frozen corn — can encourage more adventuresome eating. Who knew my seven year old would eat green onions? Perhaps they just taste better with pepperoni. On the other hand, a guest who prefers a plain cheese pizza can have just that. (I make my own kids try stuff, but I’ll leave the parenting to you when it comes to your offspring! And far be it from me to force an adult to eat her veggies.)

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You know what you don’t see here? My own pizza. This delicate flower (excuse me while I fan myself) let the kids go nuts on the toppings buffet, promising herself she would make a salad and skip the delicious crust and decadent melted cheese. But…pizza night. How could I resist? My own creation was piled high with roasted veggies, chopped tomatoes, pepperoni, fresh spinach and plenty of cheese, glorious cheese, all over fresh pesto.

This meal is guaranteed to please just about anyone, even my pickiest grown-up friends (you know who you are!). With ready made crust, the pizzas can be ready in less than 15 minutes. And what did I do with the leftover toppings? Tossed them all in a bowl to make a lunch salad the next day. Hooray for reducing waste!

How do you have fun on busy weeknights?

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