Easier Cleaning: Suspended Bar Stools in the Home Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hey, cafes and diners have been doing this for ages to streamline their floor-cleaning routines. So why not have suspended bar seating in the home kitchen? Here are a few sources for exactly that:

The idea is to suspend counter-height seating so that there are no legs cluttering up the floor. As a result, one can sweep or mop in a jiffy. We still aren’t used to seeing this in residential applications, so the execution always looks a bit commercial to us, but we could get on board with something that makes cleaning the kitchen floors much faster and easier.

We located two companies that are producing such seating for residential kitchens at this time: Seating Innovations and Suspend-It. What we’d like to see are systems where you can provide your own seat, as most of their standard seating options aren’t our cup of tea.

What do you think? Would you go for suspended bar stools in your home kitchen?