Easy, Cheesy: Swiss-Chard GratinElle Decor

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We love a good gratin. Low-maintenance (great if you have a more complicated main dish to prepare), perfect for feeding a crowd, and topped with melted cheese (yea!). This one from chef Daniel Boulud uses swiss chard instead of the more expected vegetables, like potato or spinach.

The premise of most gratins is the same: You blanch some vegetables (or just slice them very, very thin) and layer them in a dish with cream, maybe a basic white sauce, and seasoning. The top with cheese and bake. Easy!

They add a heartiness to a meal but are still full of vegetables; plus, they look beautiful when you bring them to the table, all bubbly and browned.

This one calls swiss chard, a not-so-common vegetable for many of us but one that’s plentiful this time of year and relatively simple to prep. It’s not too tough, and the stems are edible.

Get the recipe: Swiss-Chard Gratin from Point Click Home.

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