Easy Accompaniment: Simple Roasted PearsThe Atlantic

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve got pears on the brain right now. While we love Fall apples, it’s nice to switch it up every few days so we don’t get tired of either fruit. First we talked about making pearsauce. But this is even easier—oven-roasted pears that you can use many, many ways. The Atlantic has nine different options…

Roasting them couldn’t be simpler. The recipe below calls for topping them with sugar mixed with vanilla bean seeds, lemon juice, and butter. But you could also add herbs for a more savory twist.

They’d be great served alongside sliced pork or Thanksgiving turkey (one of the suggestions). Or, our favorite on the list, frozen and puréed to make roasted pear sorbet. How good does that sound??

Got a load of pears you need to use before they get too soft? This takes care of a big batch at once.

(Image: Maria Robledo/The Atlantic)