5 Fun (and Easy!) New Takes on the Classic Easter Basket

updated Apr 30, 2019
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If you have kids and celebrate Easter, we’re placing our bets that you’re holding off as long as possible before you find yourself up to your (bunny) ears in that staticky, synthetic basket grass, elbow deep in a garbage bag of mismatched plastic Easter eggs, and on the verge of an aneurism trying to come up with never-before-tried egg hunt hiding spots.

Sometimes Easter traditions aren’t all they’re cracked up to be … so change things up this year! We turned to a few of our favorite craft bloggers for some great new takes on the classic Easter basket.

If you’re sick of doing things the same way every year, here are a few fun ways to mix it up and think outside the basket, er, box.

It’s pretty much inevitable that Peeps are going to be making an appearance at some point or another during your Easter festivities. So why not go all in and make the actual basket out of them? Credit for this idea goes to the Crafty Morning blog, which clearly believes that full-sized candy boxes aren’t just the Holy Grail of Halloween. Use the brightly colored boxes of marshmallow chicks to corral your crinkle paper and other treats of your choosing. If you’re not a fan of Peeps, you can also do this with any other box of candy that you (and your kids) love.

(Image credit: Nest of Posies)

For a more sustainable Easter candy storage solution than those plastic eggs (which are probably killing sea turtles as we speak), consider using the evergreen darling of the craft world: Mason jars. Kellie, the blogger behind Nest of Posies, recommends decorating them to look like little bunny butts or chicks for an even more festive feel.

(Image credit: Clarks Condensed)

Another UPCYCLED basket idea! This one comes from the crafty crafters over at Clarks Condensed and uses something most families go through a few times per week: a gallon milk jug. Once washed (of course) and decorated, these vessels are a fun way to display Easter treats.

(Image credit: Fun Squared)

If you want to do away with the rote basket idea altogether, make an Easter treat wreath! Amber and Danetta of Fun Squared suggesting using a hot glue gun to adhere festive crinkle paper to a blank wreath shape. From there, stick on treats like candies and gift cards. This would be great for older kids who are starting to age out of the tradition.

We’ve given you a few alternatives to those janky plastic eggs, but what’s one more? Thanks to Crafty Morning (again!), consider stuffing ice cream sugar cones with tiny treats, both of which you can eat!

How are you doing your Easter baskets this year?