10 Stunning Gifts to Shop From East Fork Pottery Starting at $50

published Dec 12, 2022
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Credit: Erika Layne

Major winter holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah might be less than two weeks away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to shop quality gifts for your loved ones. If you’re thinking all the unique, high-value finds have already been picked over because of Black Friday, think again. East Fork is one place where you can always find kitchenware and accessories that spark joy. Earlier this fall, they surprised us with the release of their famous mug in a new seasonal shade (plus a matching pie plate), which promptly sold out in a matter of hours. Even if you missed this awesome launch, that’s no cause for concern!

Why? Well, because the brand’s Appalachian Holiday collection is still full of plenty of practical and decorative gift options that look oh-so-cozy and truly artisanal. Grab your favorite at-home baker a new apron, or set your bestie up with a new bedside water carafe. No matter what you buy, you can’t go wrong! See some of our favorite picks from the collection below, as well as some items from East Fork’s best-selling pottery line.

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East Fork

If we're being totally honest, there's no one who wouldn't enjoy receiving a large, chip-proof mug, regardless of whether they're a big coffee drinker or not. Now's the time to grab East Fork's fan-favorite Big Mug while it's not sold out. Its 12-ounce capacity is perfect for all-day sipping, and its stylish, handmade design will look right at home sitting atop your giftee's desk.

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East Fork

Of course, your beverage options for the Big Mug are endless, but we'd suggest this five-piece chai set. It includes two delicious chai blends, Madhur Jaggery Powder, a strainer, and yet another one of East Fork's pottery bestsellers: the Kulhad cup in a vibrant, pink shade. It's the perfect present for the friend who's always rushing about and could use some R&R for a change.

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East Fork
was $76.00

These versatile bowls are perfect for all kinds of meals, whether your recipient likes to chow down on pasta, soup, stews, or ice cream. They're available in six signature East Fork colorways — all neutral tones that inspire an earthy and organic vibe. The trio is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, plus you can stack them inside of one another for easy storage.

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East Fork

There's nothing wrong with being a little extra, especially in the bedside table department. Whether you get this carafe set for yourself or for someone else, it's sure to bring an air of sophistication to any nightstand with its chocolatey brown hue and sleek glass design. Plus, you won't have to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, because it'll be within reach!

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was $100.00

Kids will usually tell you exactly which presents they want, but your nieces, nephews, or friends' kids will be in for a fun surprise with this four-piece dining set. They can sit at the adults' table during holiday dinners and feel all grown-up eating out of their own bowl and plate and drinking from the matching juice cup. The set even comes with its own snazzy brass spork.

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East Fork

When it comes to gifting, chip and dip sets are a little cliché, but a good serving platter will never go out of style. This one is bound to delight your giftee with its smooth and ever-so-slightly curved shape. No matter what their interior aesthetic is, the platter's no-frills design won't detract from the rest of the decor. It's perfect for passing around hors d'oeuvres, shareable desserts, and other small bites.

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East Fork

Elevate any home bar with this chic cocktail glass set, which is available in black and walnut. The glasses sport a clean design and the same style as the one in the water carafe set, though they're good for serving all kinds of drinks. Although they're made of glass, the glasses are not as fragile as stemmed alternatives and can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

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East Fork

At-home cooks might be okay with getting a little dirty in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean you can't gift them this nice denim apron. It's made of the classic blue-jean material, which won't make stains stand out. The apron is also adjustable and features pockets and brass hardware, so your recipient will look every bit the professional chef.

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was $162.00

Even if you're just heating up leftovers, they'll look extra appetizing against these dark-toned dinner plates, made from East Fork's signature pottery. In this five-piece set, you get three different-sized dishes, plus two bowls of varying sizes, so there's virtually no meal that's not fit to be served in one off these elegant pieces. The set would make a wonderful gift for your favorite party host, too.

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East Fork

An important part of every holiday gathering is the decor, and this woodsy-smelling candle makes an excellent tabletop addition. It contains notes of cedar leaf, tobacco flower, cypress, and palo santo, which combine to create a smoky but entirely pleasant smell. The soy candle is — no surprise here — held in East Fork's beloved stoneware, so it'll fit right in among the other pottery plates on this list (and on your table).