The Delightful Drain De-Clogger That’s Totally Saved My Pipes

updated Mar 29, 2021
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If you’re a home cook (and we’re all home cooks now), you probably have to deal with a clogged kitchen sink every now and then. We’ve memorized the list of things not to put down the sink drain, and we use handy drain catches to catch errant bits of food. But still … stuff gets down there. For me, it’s the stray pieces of arugula and kale. They always find their way down the drain and hang out there, plotting to ruin my day.

So if this is you, you’ve probably tried just about every drain unclogging solution on the market. Some are just plain silly (a dishwasher tablet?) and some are heavy-duty (hello, drain auger). I’ve tried all of these things, too. While I love a good drain snake for moments of crisis, I wondered if there was something I could do for routine maintenance, instead. I wanted a product that would keep things flowing without all of the drama of dealing with a gross clog.

Enter: This delightful drain de-clogger. (Say that five times fast!) Earthworm is a woman-owned business that makes a variety of natural cleaning products, but I first discovered the drain de-clogger and cleaner at my local health food store. It uses an enzymatic process to “digest” clogs in your sink — the founders liken that to the way earthworms “chew up” waste. The connection makes only vague sense to me, but the company’s little worm mascot sure is cute

Credit: Rochelle Bilow

I’ve been using this stuff in my kitchen and bathroom sinks for about three months so far, and it works great. I’ll never use a traditional de-clogger again,and here’s why: Earthworm keeps clogs from happening in the first place. I pour about a cup’s worth down my drain once a week, after I’m done with the dinner dishes, and don’t use the sink again until morning. This routine has been working wonders on my less-than-ideal kitchen plumbing (that’s another story for a different time and a glass of wine). Think of Earthworm like supporting your immune system to avoid catching a cold, rather than trying to deal with the symptoms after you’ve gotten sick. Although it does work to break up existing clogs, the process is a little slower and gentler. A stubborn bathroom sink clog took about two days to dissolve with the Earthworm cleaner.

I particularly like that this product smells delightful, like potpourri or an all-natural sage and citrus candle. Heck, it smells better than the lavender serenity candle I impulse-bought at Target the other day. Most natural grocers, and even some big names, carry Earthworm. But it’s also sold online, which is convenient — you can buy it in 32-, 64-, or 128-ounce bottles. I’m even considering upgrading my regular 32-ounce order for the biggest container, which might seem a little extra. But hey, this is the best thing I’ve used for my drains. And you know what they say: If it ain’t clogged, don’t … try a different product.