Dyson Just Released Two Powerful Vacuum Accessory Kits — Including a Must-Have Tool for Pet Parents

published Sep 14, 2022
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someone vacuuming dirt in home
Credit: Joe Lingeman

It’s common knowledge that when it comes to vacuums, Dyson has more than a few reader- and editor-beloved models. It might be hard to believe that a top-rated vac could get even better, but it can! Dyson has an impressively varied selection of vacuum accessories that handle some of your peskiest and most overlooked places to clean, such as mattresses, dark narrow spaces, and the tops of hanging light fixtures. Now, they’ve added three more tools that take on even tougher messes including stubborn pet hair, easy-to-scratch surfaces, and hard-to-reach crevices. The new accessories are compatible with Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners, including the KT-favorite (and Dyson exclusive!) V8 Absolute. If you’ve been dragging your feet on upgrading your vacuum, now is the time to do it, especially if you’ve got a furry friend at home. Learn more about each accessory below as part of Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit and Detail Cleaning Kit, and shop the full lineup of vacuums and accessories here.

Pet hair is capable of carrying pollen and allergens that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Dyson engineered their Pet Grooming Kit to deal with a wide range of pet-related messes, both visible and invisible, before they begin. The kit includes the new Groom Tool and an extension hose to make grooming medium- and long-haired pets a comfortable process. This game-changing accessory uses retractable bristles to lift loose hairs, pet dander, and microscopic skin flakes that can scatter and aggravate allergies. The shedded hair and other particles are sucked directly into the vacuum bin, and the Groom Tool can be used whether the vacuum is turned on or off to avoid frightening your pet with the noise.

Dusting delicate surfaces can be tricky when you don’t have the right tool for it. If you aren’t careful, it could cause you to risk scraping up dirt with coarse bristles, which get the job done but at the high cost of ruining the object that you’re cleaning. Part of Dyson’s Detail Cleaning Kit, the newly-released Scratch-Free Dusting Brush is the brand’s softest brush attachment to date, taking cues from makeup and fine paint brushes. Additionally, its rotating cuff helps hygienically remove debris from the brush itself.

Also in the Detail Cleaning Kit is the Awkward Gap Tool, an upgraded crevice attachment that assists with getting to oddly-placed narrow spaces. What makes it stand out from the typical crevice accessory is that it twists 22 degrees, which was revealed as the best cleaning angle after multiple prototype tests at Dyson. The accessory is able to get into those hard-to-access areas and can reach roughly 10 inches, so you’re able to tidy up your car or behind your nightstand without having to move furniture or do cleaning gymnastics.

So, if you’re looking for ways to make Saturday morning cleaning go a whole lot faster, Dyson’s got you (and your pets) covered!

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