Get Your Space Sparkling Clean With Dyson’s Fourth of July Vacuum and Air Purifier Sale (Save Up to $200!)

published Jun 27, 2023
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Credit: Layne Dixon

Every time a major sale week rolls around, you can expect a handful of select retailers to drop amazing deals. If the ones that instantly came to mind included Le Creuset and QVC, you’re not wrong, but there are others that you’ll want to keep an eye on. For example, you might know Dyson for their high-quality products and equally high prices, but the truth is, it’s not difficult to snag one of their vacuums at a good discount if you strike at the right time — like right now! Through July 1, the home cleaning tools brand is offering up to $200 off select vacuums and air purifiers, including many of their bestsellers. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a heavy-duty machine that’s going to deep clean your home or you’re in the market for efficient and easy-to-use products that’ll ensure day-to-day cleanliness — they’re all here, in addition to other marked-down Dyson finds from more of our favorite retailers! Just keep reading to see what you can snag at a great discount.

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was $349.99

Even Dyson's older models, like the Slim Ball Animal vacuum, are higher quality and ensure a better clean than many new alternatives on the market. This machine rids your hard floors and carpets of even the most microscopic specks of dust — plus, its easy-release wand and hose allow you to reach high surfaces, as well. Whole-machine filtration promises to trap allergens and bacteria without releasing them back into the air.

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was $429.99

Whether you suffer from allergies or simply want to reduce the number of air pollutants in your surroundings, you can't go wrong by investing in Dyson's Pure Cool TP01 air purifier. We love this machine's slim and sleek design, easy-change filter, and oscillation function. The machine not only purifies but also cools the vicinity, resulting in cleaner, fresher air.

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A tried-and-true, Dyson's classic V8 vacuum is one of their more affordable options and works splendidly for everyday use. Whenever there's a spill, dust, or debris, you can just unhook this stick from its wall-mounted dock for a quick pick-up. No untangling cords or lugging a heavy machine — it's completely fuss-free. With up to 40 minutes of run time, this is a solid option for both small and large homes.

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was $547.00

Turn that stuffy summer air into a breezy oasis with the help of the TP7A Air Purifier & Fan. In addition to purifying your air, this ingenious product features an Auto-React mode, which senses and reacts to changes in your air quality, then reports them so that you're always up to date on the status of your surroundings. Plus, now through June 30, new QVC customers can get $20 off their $40 purchase with the code QVCNEW20.

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was $799.99

In addition to its lightweight, cordless design, what's great about the V15 Detect is that it's designed to rid your space of as much dust as possible thanks to its laser-detecting technology. An integrated green laser finds dust that can't be seen with the naked eye, resulting in a deeper clean. Additionally, a built-in sensor on its LCD screen tells you in real-time just how much dust and dirt it's picking up, confirming a job well done.

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was $949.99

For those with a lot of square footage to cover who don't want to sacrifice their storage closet space to a bulky vac, the Dyson Outsize+ is the way to go. Although it normally retails for almost $1,000, you can now snag this cleaning essential for under $700. It sports the same slim, cordless design that Dyson is known for, except the Outsize+ also has a 150 percent bigger bin and twice the run time compared to the V15 Detect. No matter how many floors (and dust bunnies!) you have, it'll never fail you.

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If you ask our staff, the Pure Hot+Cool HP01 is one of the best heaters on the market. Of course, it does much more than make your space feel warm and toasty during the winter months. That's because this isn't just a heater, but also a cooling fan and air purifier that removes nearly 100 percent of the air pollutants in your space. The HP01 model's bladeless design is also super quiet, and its stream of hot or cold air is strong enough to reach across the room.

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was $399.99

Who said canister vacs are outdated? Dyson managed to modernize the classic design with a single-button bin emptying system, a 360-degree rotating wand handle, and rotating brushes that leave zero dirt behind. And, we can't forget to mention that any time the vacuum gets knocked over, it automatically returns to an upright position thanks to its self-righting technology. No more opening your storage closet only to have your vacuum fall out onto the floor!

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was $450.00

As its name suggests, the Dyson Omni-Glide is the most easily maneuverable hard-floor vacuum the brand has to offer. This is not only because of its slim design, but also because the machine can lie completely flat and glide between tight spaces without any serious effort required on your part. What's more, the Omni-Glide is super lightweight and comes with a pet hair cleaning tool.

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was $649.99

Cleaning your floors is one thing, but it's also important to make sure there are no allergens or other unwanted particles floating through the air. That's where this two-in-one purifier and cooling fan comes in. A HEPA H13 filter and far-reaching projection promise to pull all pollutants from the room, while a quiet, steady stream of cool air prevents the home from feeling stuffy. And right now, you can grab this innovative find for $150 off.