This Quiet Little Gadget Is the Answer to All Your Pesky Fruit Fly and Mosquito Problems — and It’s on Sale

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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

When it comes to bugs inside the home, my policy is simple: No. I don’t want them here, and if I see them, they’re dead. This goes for flies, ants, and, because I live in New York City, cockroaches. Yet, while I’ve been firm on my zero-critter tolerance policy for years, the bugs don’t always get the message. This is especially the case during the summer, when flies seem to be everywhere in the city — including the one place where I really don’t want them.

Aside from trying to keep my home generally clean, I’ve had varying success with fly-fighting tools such as ultrasonic repellers and electric zapper rackets (which I recommend). But with warm weather approaching, I’ve been searching for something that’s even more effective and that requires less work on my part. That’s how I came across this promising contraption, which you can put anywhere in your home to catch and trap flies all day long. Plus, you can get it at a discount right now!

With its cylindrical design, the DynaTrap Indoor Fly Trap can get any small flying insects from all directions and keeps from escaping. By using a combination of ultraviolet LED lights and carbon dioxide, the device lures critters from all over your home. It then uses a whisper-quiet, low-suction fan to pull the insects inside and trap them against a sticky pad on the underside of the lid. The entire operation makes little to no noise, and because it’s housed in a discreet container (available in three colors), it blends right into your home without guests noticing.

Credit: QVC

This electric-powered bug trap needs to be plugged into a standard outlet while it’s in use and comes with four glue cards that you can swap out when each one is full. Replacement glue cards are available for $3 each, and depending on how buggy your area is, each one can last anywhere from several days to several weeks. You can use this device anywhere in your home, and if you set it up in an especially large open space, you may want to move it around every few days — it’s designed to keep spaces up to 400 square feet completely clear of flies.

Credit: QVC

If you grab one of these right now you’ll save 10 percent and you’ll be sure to have your pick of the white, black, and graphite color options. This is quiet enough to keep in your bedroom or home office — it doesn’t produce any loud buzzing noises — and because it has a fine mesh screen inside, any flies it catches won’t be able to escape. Ready for a summer that’s free from house flies? I know I am!

Buy: DynaTrap Indoor Fly and Insect Trap, $49.98 (normally $55)