Duty-Free Food Souvenirs: After Eight Mints

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

An airline hiccup (and major blizzard!) this holiday season left me with more time than usual to browse the duty-free shop at the airport. Once only open to international travelers, this shop now serves everyone and carries an unusual range of food items, including some, like Nestle’s After Eight mints, that are hard to find elsewhere.

After Eight mints are thin square chocolates with a creamy mint filling, more delicate than a peppermint patty, and packaged rather elegantly in individual black paper sleeves. At first, I associated them with the Andes mints my grandmother used to give me and I wrote them off as an out-dated treat. But when I picked up a box on my way home last week I was blown away – After Eight mints aren’t like anything else available on supermarket shelves.

Made in the U.K., these chocolates are a tasty addition melted over warm desserts like poached pears or a just-out-of-the-oven brownie. They’re also great on their own or straight from the freezer! The duty-free shop also carried a selection of larger teardrop-shaped After Eight chocolates, along with a variety of other products not often seen on U.S. shores. Pick up a box next time you’re traveling!

Have you tried After Eight mints? What are your favorite duty-free treats?

After Eight mints, $10 for a 400g box at Duty Free Americas

(Image: Stephanie Barlow)