10 Sweet Gifts for Anyone Who’s in Love with Their Le Creuset Dutch Oven

published Nov 16, 2020
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Adding pasta to a dutch oven of boiling water.
Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Food Styling: Brett Regot

The Le Creuset Dutch oven teeters on the verge of being not just a pot, but a lifestyle. The bold colors earn it a permanent place on the stovetop, the versatility of the pot a permanent place in the heart. Know someone who loves their French-made pot almost as much as, say, their children or pets? Help them celebrate their love — by giving them the kind of stylish, useful, and fun gifts that match the pot, whether directly or in spirit.

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Simple, boldly colorful, and iconic, just like the pan itself, this artistic ode to the Le Creuset Dutch oven makes an excellent wall hanging for a small empty space in the kitchen. Ink & Parchment Press, the creator, used Pantone colors to precisely match the company colors and the drawing renders it in a manner just cartoon-y enough to make it fun while still illustrating it extremely accurately.

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Any Le Creuset owner has an eye for style, so of course they’ll want trivets that are equally as stylish. This set of six concrete-and-cork coasters pushes together into just that, adding a strong pop of color with texture to the table. Buy a few sets in different colors to mix and match for an even better gift.

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A hot (and heavy!) pot like the Le Creuset Dutch oven requires a good, heat-proof grip when it needs to be moved in and out of the oven or on and off the stove. This set from Food52 covers all the bases — and forearms, in case a hot oven rack gets in the way. The mitts are lined for comfort and the platinum-grade silicone on the outside will help grips stay nice and secure — even if things get steamy.

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Williams Sonoma
was $205.00

The Dutch oven will carry cooks through the winter with its deeply flavored stews and crusty breads, but when outdoor grilling season seems so far away, this pan helps give the same super-hot sear and even heat needed to get those thick, appetizing grill marks. And, whether in matching or contrasting colors, it looks great stored right next to the pot.

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Butcher Box

For a carnivore, there's no better winter dinner than a stew made in a Le Creuset Dutch oven — with high-quality meat. Get your favorite fan a box subscription from this meat and seafood company, and they’ll receive top-notch beef, chicken, pork, and seafood delivered to their door. Boxes can be totally customized by type of meat, cut, frequency, and size, to make sure they can cook all their favorites.

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Le Creuset

This new color came out in early October and it is seriously out of this world. If your loved is already smitten with her Dutch oven, she'll be stoked to get another in a brand new color!

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Le Creuset
was $50.00

Perfect for storing dry goods near the stove (and the Le Creuset Dutch oven) this lidded ceramic container comes in various sizes and many favorite Le Creuset colors, all with a silicone gasket seal and wood top. The large ones are big enough to hold a few pounds of flour or sugar, while the small ones work for keeping the salt nearby.

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Le Creuset
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These shrunk-down versions of the classic Dutch oven make for an adorable way to serve anything made in the larger version, but they also work well for individual portions of macaroni, a cheese, souffle, or a pot pie. We also like them for serving nuts or even condiments during an outdoor picnic.

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Williams Sonoma

A Dutch oven doesn't do any good if the owner isn't sure what to make in it! (It's more than just a stovetop decoration!) This book gives home cooks a slew of instructions for soups, stews, braised meats, casseroles, those amazing breads, and even desserts.

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Save the saucy drips from staining the counter: So much of cooking in the Dutch oven involves occasionally stirring over long periods of time, which means having to put a spoon or spatula down over and over. This spoon rest lets cooks do so neatly, keeping stray stews from dripping onto the counter or stove, while also looking good on the counter.