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This Versatile Dutch Oven Gets Its Secret Power from French Clay

published Feb 7, 2023
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Credit: Emile Henry

I’m the sort of cook who buys everything from aluminum foil to dried beans in bulk and on sale — why yes, friendly cashier, I do have a coupon! But there are certain areas where I don’t cut corners. Quality cookware, for instance, is worth every penny. Sure, I’ve been tempted by shiny, single-use appliances that promise to upgrade my cooking with the push of a button. But, at the end of the day, that’s just noise. Well-made products backed by centuries of expertise speak for themselves.

That’s why I’m smitten with the Emile Henry Sublime Dutch oven. Made from all-natural Burgundy clay, it’s a versatile piece that quite literally does it all. Whether you’re using it on the stovetop, on the grill, or in the oven, it reaches very high temperatures in less than a minute with no heat limitations.

Credit: Emile Henry

Emile Henry has perfected its signature ceramic material, to the point where the Sublime Dutch oven is some 50 percent lighter than comparably sized cast iron or enamel pans. That makes it easier to maneuver from oven to table, which is especially useful because this is legitimately beautiful cookware. It has clean lines, comes in gorgeous colors, and features oversized handles that are easy to grab with even the bulkiest oven mitts.

This versatility means you can be the effortlessly chic dinner party host who bakes bread in their Sublime Dutch oven and turns it out onto a cutting board in front of their guests, encouraging everyone to grab a slice. Or, in the summertime, you might fill it with mussels, cream, and aromatics, and simmer it on the range or grill before bringing it straight to the table. Frying wings on game day, or braising a roast on a cold Sunday afternoon? This Dutch oven also has you covered there. It’s suited to searing, browning, frying, slow cooking, and baking, so you won’t run short on ways to put it to good use.

Credit: Emile Henry

I haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet: This Dutch oven is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Show me the nonstick pan that can do that, and I’ll eat my weight in French clay.

The Emile Henry Sublime Dutch oven is the sort of practical purchase that gets me excited about cooking, whether I’m hosting a festive dinner party, making a household meal, or whipping up some (affordably priced) chickpeas on a rainy day. Sublime is as sublime does, and this is a culinary investment that pays dividends.