I’ve Been Using This $15 Duster for More than a Decade and It’s Perfect

published Jun 19, 2022
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Wiping down coffee table with dusting cloth

Dusting, like laundry, never (ever!) ends. Dust is one of the main culprits that makes our homes and our belongings dirty. In fact, if it weren’t for dust, we’d rarely (or never!) need to clean ceiling fans and shelves, the tops of storage boxes that line our pantry, or little tiny picture frame ledges along the kitchen wall. 

Sadly, dust is a fact of life and battling dust is a lifelong fight — which is why having the right tool for the job is essential. 

Over the course of the 15 years I’ve been cleaning my own house, I’ve experimented with many (many!) types of dusters. I’ve tried washable microfiber wands and Swiffer dusters with disposable refills and found them both wanting. I’ve tried feather dusters (fun, but ineffective), damp rags (effective, but not fun), and microfiber dusting gloves (a bit too fussy for my personal preference). See? I wasn’t lying! I’ve tried so many dusters.

Luckily, early on in my home-keeping journey I came across a type of duster that’s still a standout among all of the others. It’s what I’ve used for over a decade, and it has all of the best parts of the other kinds of dusters I’ve tried. It’s a dusting mitt! Here’s why I love it.

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

First, it’s made of microfiber, so it captures and clings to dust. It glides over objects smoothly, making dusting faster. It allows me to easily dust objects that aren’t flat, such as lamp bases and curved wood. It’s super quick to slip on and off my hand, and I can do quick dusting when it comes to large objects like the tops of shelves. It’s also a favorite of my kids, who use it to dust baseboards when it’s on their chore list. And, finally, it’s reusable.

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

The dusting mitt — it’s my very favorite duster, and the one I reach for time and time again!

What do you use to dust? Do you have a favorite tool? Tell us about it in the comments below.