The Very Best Duster Isn’t Even a Duster — It’s This Versatile $9 Cleaning Tool

updated Nov 30, 2020
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Credit: Jessica Isaac

I’m not obsessive about dusting, but when I see a veneer of dust in a little-used bathroom or on the top of the dresser, I can no longer tell myself that there’s no need to dust. I reach for my dusting wand right away, and enjoy the quick fix of seeing the difference once the debris is gone.

Sometimes, as I’m swiping visible dust away from surfaces and lamp bases, I decide, while I’m at it, to dust over the smaller items and knick knacks I like to decorate with: They’re surely covered in the same layer of dirt, even if it’s not as visible. But this is where my microfiber dusting wand fails. No matter what angle I twist it into, it can never quite reach every twist and turn and nook and cranny of those oddly-shaped objects I insist on keeping on my dresser and bookshelves.

The solution is simple: A pair of microfiber dusting gloves.

Dusting gloves let you wipe off anything your fingers can touch — a sort of spotless-making Midas touch. Getting dust and grime off of even the most intricate objects, like the porcelain bouquet of flowers from Venice that’s on my dresser, happens as I caress it. It’s more like a trip down memory lane than cleaning.

But the ease of dusting gloves extends beyond use on just the traditionally tricky objects. Even dusting dressers, headboards, picture frames, window frames, and lamps is easier with gloves. .. as easy as running your hands over them. Honestly, I prefer a duster with my hand in it for whatever surfaces and items I’m able to reach.

Credit: Amazon

Dusting gloves combine the technique of dusting with a glove with the effectiveness of microfiber. But if you aren’t sure whether you’ll like using dusting gloves or would rather repurpose something you already have on hand, you can also try using cotton gardening gloves or other other soft-fiber gloves you own. They might not grip dust as well as microfiber, but it will give you a feel for whether or not you like dusting with your fingers and hands.

And more more tip: For a cleaning power boost, try spritzing whichever glove you choose with a bit of all-purpose spray or polish.

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