Dum Dums Mystery Flavor: Finally Revealed!

Dum Dums Mystery Flavor: Finally Revealed!

As you eat your way through your Halloween candy stash, you might stumble onto a few Dum Dums, those ubiquitous little lollipops that have been around since 1924. And maybe you'll even have a Mystery Flavor pop, its wrapper covered in question marks — is it pineapple-banana? Cherry cola? What is Mystery Flavor?

We finally have an answer.

According to Mental Floss, Mystery Flavor is created when the same candy equipment is used to make two different flavors. Rather than shut down production and clean out the machine between batches, the company keeps the lollipops that combine a little of Flavor A and a little of Flavor B, wrapping them up and marketing them as Mystery Flavor. Pretty ingenious, right?

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Growing up, I always thought Mystery Flavor was just a regular flavor packaged in a different wrapper. What were your theories about Mystery Flavor Dum Dums?

Via Now I Know.

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