Duh! Tip: No-Drip Custard Pie Filling

Duh! Tip: No-Drip Custard Pie Filling

Faith Durand
Apr 21, 2008

Some tips we offer here fall under the category of "Duh!" or, how obvious! And yet the kitchen is full of such obvious things we feel that we learn rather late. This pie and quiche-baking tip is one of those.

Simply this.

When you're filling a pie or tart shell with a custard base for a quiche or pie, put the pie in the oven first. Pull out the top rack with the pie pan on it, and carefully pour the liquid custard in. Then you don't have to worry about carefully transferring an over-filled pan of liquid from the counter to the oven.

Oh the drips and spills we would have avoided, if we had learned this earlier!

Like many good tips, it's obvious when you hear it...

Also, don't forget to put another baking sheet underneath pies and tarts as they bake to catch any drips and overflow from bubbling custard and juices.

(Oh, and the pie? The recipe is coming up in just a little bit...)

(Image: Faith Hopler)

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