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Forget Green Beer — Make Dublin Coddle for Saint Patrick’s Day

published Mar 16, 2018
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Listen, I understand your desire to drink green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day — it’s novel and fun, and more importantly it’s an excellent excuse to drink more beer! I won’t judge you. But before you go out to some bar with all your friends, you should make something that will stick to your stomach and help you get through the night without getting sloppy.

There are obviously a lot of great Irish recipes out there to make to celebrate the day, but here’s why you should consider Dublin Coddle. Corned beef and cabbage might be more popular, but the Dublin Coddle is another classic that deserves your attention. It’s a common meal made with simple leftovers you might have in your fridge, hence it’s popularity. According to the blogger Wholefully, it’s essentially a stew with bacon, sausage, and potatoes that’s mixed with a brown gravy (made with Guinness beer, of course.)

Uh, doesn’t that sound exactly like what you want to be eating before pounding a couple green beers? Yes. Yes it does.

So, to make the stew, you cook the bacon and sausage and set aside. Then you make a gravy with the Guinness beer in the Dutch oven and simply layer the meat, potatoes, onion, garlic, and herbs. Then you bake the whole thing in the oven for two hours.

Just imagine being able to wake up to this dish the day after, on Sunday. It sounds like pretty solid hangover food, too.

Get the recipe: Dublin Coddle from Wholefully

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What’s your favorite thing to make for Saint Patrick’s Day? Will you give Dublin Coddle a try this year?