The 10 Best Gifts to Order from the Small Cookware Brands That Dominated 2020

published Nov 12, 2020
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Just a few years ago, the cookware and cutlery brands that dominated the industry (and our kitchens) were legacy brands with deep-routed histories that dated back for decades or even centuries. (All-Clad! Staub! Le Creuset! Wüsthof!) Those brands are still around and popular, but now there’s a lot more competition than ever before. See, a new wave of direct-to-consumer companies has been popping up — and we are here for it!

These brands are not only churning out top-notch pots, pans, and knives, but they’re also offering their wares at affordable prices and dreaming up all sorts of new details and features. The quality, pricing, and thoughtfulness have all contributed to the increasing popularity of these new tools. These are 10 of the best gifts from the small cookware brands that have dominated 2020.

If you’re shopping for someone who cooks a lot (or wants to cook a lot!), you can’t go wrong with any of these handy finds.

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Dutch ovens can cost a few hundred bucks. This one? It's only $120! It's just as beautiful as the pots from the top names in the biz AND it performed ridiculously well in our official test, too.

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Our Place

This pan is meant to do the work of eight different pieces of cookware, ideally helping to eliminate cabinet clutter. In our tests, we loved using it for eggs, fried rice, risotto, saucy shrimp dinners, spiced curries, and more. Who should you gift this set to? Anyone who's just starting out or busy parents who could use a hand getting dinner on the table night after night.

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Great Jones

One of our contributors is probably the biggest cast iron fanatic we know, and yet, she's been cheating on her cast iron skillet with this ceramic nonstick pan. Why? The cleanup is just so much easier! And the pan is just as nonstick-y — if not even slipperier! This one is eight inches, but there's also a Large Fry, which is 10 inches, so you can take your pick, depending on who you're shopping for.

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Made In

When this roasting pan first came out, one of our Food Editors, Meghan Splawn, said every single home cook should have one. (Even home cooks who have zero plans to roast a turkey.) It's made of carbon steel, which creates an extremely tough surface that heats quickly and evenly, and can be used for casseroles, meatballs, veggies, and so much more.

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Made In

More carbon steel! (The material is nothing new but it's definitely getting more popular among home cooks because it's lighter than cast iron.) Meghan also loved this pan from Made In because of its slopped sides (for flipping food and containing splatters), nonstick qualities (nonstick is definitely a trend of 2020!), and price point.

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You wouldn't think it'd be possible to love a cutting board so much, and yet, here we are. Made of recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane, we've found that The reBoard is super resistant to stains and barely shows any knife marks at all — even after everyday use for months. It initally sold out in just three days and was nearly impossible to get when it first came out. Luckily, it's back in stock now!

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Great Jones
was $40.00

If there's one thing every Kitchn staffer wants this year, it's this baking sheet from Great Jones. Yes, it's pretty (it comes in this bright blue and, as of very recently, a "Broccoli" green!). It's also got a ceramic coating (agan with the nonstick!) and reinforced rim to prevent warping. We love this as a gift for bakers, veggie lovers, or anyone who relies on a sheet pan dinner from time to time.

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Turns out, Misen knives are super popular with Kitchn readers! And we get it! They're relatively inexpensive and made from premium high-carbon stainless steel. This set includes the three knives home cooks need the most and makes a great gift.

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Proclamation Goods Co.

Another multi-pan-in-one situation, The Proclamation Duo is a skillet and wok/stockpot that join forces to create a Dutch oven. Our tester gave it credit for its versatility, but said it’s the big pot that really shines.