Drunk Man Leaves One-Star Review for His Parents’ Fridge

published Jun 21, 2018
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OK, let’s be honest: We’ve all probably stepped out of an Uber, fumbled with our front-door locks, and belatedly realized that we shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine. The next morning usually arrives with a headache, a dry mouth, and a solemn promise that you’re one and done at the next after-work happy hour.

But 21-year-old David Garavaglia — and his family — woke up to something unexpected after he spent a night out being cheerfully overserved. According to the Press Association, when Garavaglia got home, he fixed himself a midnight snack and was beyond disappointed to learn that there wasn’t any ketchup left to squeeze on top of it.

“I miss being able to use ketchup when eating food. Please replenish,” he wrote on a piece of notepaper, adding “1 out of 5 [stars]. Do not recommend this household.” Oh yes, my dude left a star rating FOR HIS OWN FAMILY and their lack of appropriate condiments.

“He does not remember [writing] this at all,” Garavaglia’s 19-year-old brother, Blake, said. “It kind of threw us off. My parents at first thought it was me.” He also said that David had zero recollection of what he’d eaten, or why he needed ketchup in the first place.

The older Garavaglia only recently turned 21, which explains a lot about this entire situation. Blake said that, despite being docked four stars by one of their own offspring, his folks thought the note was funny.

The only time I’ve ever left a note for myself after an evening of being overserved, I scribbled “THEY WILL LAY THEIR EGGS ON YOU” on a scrap of paper and left it on the kitchen counter. I still have no idea what I was trying to warn myself about — or why. But at least I always have a bottle of ketchup in the fridge. Otherwise, things could get weird.