Drink Your Rhubarb: 7 Drinks to Celebrate Our Favorite Stalk

published Jun 5, 2013
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Here in Seattle, it’s All Rhubarb All the Time right now. Or at least in our house. I’ve been slicing it into muffins, and roasting it to spoon on top of ice cream or yogurt. But until recently, I hadn’t thought to do much with it on the beverage side of things and it turns out: there’s a whole world of rhubarb cocktails, fizzes and even milkshakes to explore!

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

I think rhubarb is so exciting because its season is relatively short-lived and for those of us who really like it (there are quite a few folks who don’t), the bright, tart flavor is something we wait all year for. 

What I love about using rhubarb in cocktails is the versatility: you can make a rhubarb simple syrup of sorts (and many of the recipes below instruct you how) and use it in everything from your favorite gin and tonic to a Negroni, margarita or simply use a few teaspoons in a glass of fizzy water for a refreshing non-alcoholic afternoon drink. Here are a few ways to get started:

Try a Recipe:

  1. The Rhubarb Sour (pictured) – The Boy’s Club
  2. Spicy Rhubarb Margaritas – A Cozy Kitchen for Etsy
  3. Rhubarb Fizz Cocktail – Baked Bree
  4. Rhubarb Fennel Fizz – The Year in Food
  5. Rhubarb Mojito – Not Without Salt
  6. Rhubarb Negroni – Imbibe
  7. Dreamy Pink Milkshakes – Oh Joy
Do you have a favorite rhubarb drink?

(Images: The Boy’s Club; Megan Gordon)