Drink This! Sangria 2.0 from New York Magazine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hot! New York Magazine is tired of the same old sangrias, and so they’ve gathered up inspiration from some of New York’s hottest bartenders. Sangria may be our favorite summer drink – especially as incarnated in these fresh concoctions. Beet sangria, anyone?

Our favorite two sangria inspirations are pictured above:

• Sherry sangria from Roger Kugler at Suba. It includes dry fino sherry, gin, and lemon tea, garnished with a cucumber.

• Beet sangria from Eben Freeman at Tailor. It uses beet and orange juices along with orange salt for an intense and fruity drink.

There aren’t any recipes here, but the inspiration is almost as good as a recipe. See the whole slideshow here:

User Guide: Sangria at New York Magazine

(Images: Melissa Hom for New York Magazine)