The Best Ways to Drink More Water, According to Our Readers

The Best Ways to Drink More Water, According to Our Readers

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In theory, most of us know that drinking water is good for us. But let's be honest — unless it's super hot out or you've just finished a workout, it's hard to get enthusiastic about a cup of water. Whether you're trying to drink less of something else (like soda or coffee) or just drink more of the same, we figured our readers would have some tips on how to drink more water.

Here's what you suggested.

1. Start your day with some water.

"I drink a glass of water before everything else I eat or drink all day long. By reaching for it first, I've found I'm drinking a lot more water than I used to." —David Lindsay

"No coffee or other morning beverages until I drink a quart of water." — Talei Hoblitzell Mistron

"I have a glass of water first thing in the morning before I shower." — Christie Goza Ivey

2. Always keep it handy.

"I have a refillable water bottle with me all day. Make it very accessible. I even use a water bottle at home. Plus, no spilling!" Anastasia Widiarsih

"I bring a big 220-ounce orange glass water bottle with me everywhere I go. The bright color helps me see it and remember to drink and I really feel like the glass makes the water taste better and stay cold." — Mattie Carl Riu

"I keep a large, insulated mug filled with water and lots of ice on my counter at all times. I always drink it with a straw, too. Take just a few sips at a time, and you will be surprised how fast it's empty. Refill and start all over!" — Rose Young Bonkowski

"I keep a glass or water bottle beside me whenever possible, whether it's at my desk at work or when I'm relaxing at home." — Bryant Turnage

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3. Tie it to another activity.

"When I took a health class as part of my education major, the instructor said a good habit to get into is to drink a glass of water every time you go to the bathroom. I have ever since." Lorraine Groom

"Put a large glass in the bathroom at home. Every time you use the toilet, drink a full glass of water. I do this at work too. Keep the glass at my desk though." —Karen Sharpe Buckshi

"I drink a glass before each meal." Ankela Mato

4. Try a straw.

"I use a reusable straw or easy-to-sip cup and aim to get to the halfway mark of your water goal by noon. It's much harder to catch up in the evening." Shugi Tenrai

"Use a water bottle with a straw. For some reason I always drink more water when I use a straw." Samantha Lowrie

"If I have a cup with a straw I drink more. Sounds silly but it works." Kris Oliff Russell

5. Get your smartphone to help you.

"I have an app called Plant Nanny that reminds me to drink a glass and then it 'waters' the plant I'm caring for. It's super cute and has helped me a lot." Erica Nichols

"I use the WaterMinder app to track it!" Joanna McGinn

"I set an alarm every hour to remind me to drink more water." Sindy Lowry

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6. Add a little flavor.

"I fill a pretty pitcher every morning and add cucumber and lemon! Then every time I open the fridge, it's staring me in the face saying, drink this golden liquid if you want to stay young and healthy." Molly Boatman Herbst

"I add frozen fruit to my cold water, it makes it easier to drink." Anita Readnour

"I flavor my water with lemon, lime, or orange slices." Karyn Tarantino

7. Eliminate other options.

"Don't buy anything else! When there is nothing but water, you're forced to drink it." Hope Taylor Bogel

"I don't like water, so that's all we buy ... now I don't have a choice. It's working so far." Tracey Sanasarian

Got any other tips to add? Put them in the comments below!

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